John E. Fitzgerald Larceny Bourbon

Never leave home without it

Never leave home without it

This is one of my favorite value bourbons on the market right now.  It is what you will typically find in my flask and in every single taste test I give to my friends and acquaintances the results are unanimous thumbs up.  Once I tell them the price, jaws drop.  My local liquor store carries this bottle for $19 and sometimes there is a mail in rebate and you can grab this for $14.  RIDICULOUS!  I’m not sure I have a similar value to compare it to except maybe Ancient Ancient Age 10, but they aren’t even making that anymore.

I’m not sure how much detail you need to invest $19 of your hard earned money into a bottle of bourbon, but I’ll give you a quick review on the product.

Nose: Maple, Banana,  Palate: Sweet, Cinnamon, Oak,  Finish: Warm, not hot at all, quick

The brand itself harks back to a time when John Fitzgerald was pilfering the select barrels and reselling the storied Old Fitzgerald.  This stuff is from Heaven Hill and with all the marketing on this bottle it’s a bit over done.  Frankly, this bottle doesn;t need the hype.  If you tried to sell this to me at $35, hype away.  At under $20, this doggy stands on his own two feet.

If you need more incentive, all barrels of Larceny are produced under the skilled hand and watchful eye of 6th and 7th generation father and son Master Distillers Parker and Craig Beam.

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