Britt – Costa Rica Fair Trade Coffee

Britt – Costa Rica Fair Trade Coffee

Britt – Costa Rica Fair Trade Coffee

I’m pretty sure I’ve extolled the virtues of Fair Trade in the past here.  I won’t dwell, but I equate Fair Trade to spinach on pizza.  I can’t prove that it is better than non Fair Trade, but I can promise you that doesn’t make it worse.

A few days ago we ran into a coffee emergency at home when I took the last shovel of beans and found no reserves on the shelf.  I hit up my favorite local coffee roaster for quick fix but as life with a toddler and infant proved, getting out to pick up beans was futile.

Amazon to the rescue!  (If you have not knelt down and pledged loyalty to Amazon Prime yet, the streets will flow with the blood of the non believers one day).  A quick search for coffee on Amazon and sort by starts, prime and whole bean led med to Britt.

The reviews have been really good on this bag both at home and online.  Wife says “it is a little strong” (that means darker roast) but a little half & half (aka auto-tune for coffee) later the review was rewritten to “great coffee.”

Britt will tell you this is a dark roast (great call Wife!) and hints of wild flowers and fresh wood aroma.  Hmmmmm, I don’t get any of that in my tasting.  I get a high body with a lot of aftertaste.  Not quite unlike Sumatra.  This is definitely a cup that stays with you after the last drop.

If you prefer a lighter roast this is for sure not a coffee for you, but if you are heavy in the mediums and want to mix it up a bit Britt Costa Rica is good next step.

More about Britt at their hubs:  @CafeBritt  Facebook

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