Passion House Coffee Roasters – Brasil Pocos de Caldas

Go buy your own, this is mine

Go buy your own, this is mine

One of the best lessons life consistently reminds me of is to always be a man of your word, always.  I recently got around to grinding up and brewing my Passion House coffee from the February sale.  I reloaded on the Honduras and picked up a newbie to group, Brasil Pocos de Caldas.

I grind and brew every morning and if we have guests or visitors I’m always first to offer a cup of my brewed pride.  Except for this one.  I’m hoarding it.  This is a special coffee and you know it the instant your nose gets a piece of this.  In fact, just writing about makes me feel a little anxious that one of my friends will ask for it by name next time are here.

Joshua describes the flavor profile as “roasted cashews and almonds, creamy vanilla, sweet aromatic tobacco, milk chocolate, jasmine florals, baked dark cherry, butter and brown sugar”  The two that really pronounced themselves to my tongue are the tobacco and dark cherry.

Another home run for Passion House and I urge you to pick one up before they sell out.

You can buy this coffee direct from Passion House via this link.

More about Passion House at their hubs:  @passionhousecr  Facebook

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