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If you cannot feel good about this brand, you are heartless

If you cannot feel good about this brand, you are heartless

Here’s the thing about life, when someone is going to put their name on it, you have to put some faith in trying it out.  I sell technology solutions for a living and if there was ever a Rick version of something, it would be beyond reproach.

Larry’s Beans is an interesting company I stumbled upon buying Unique Splits (the world’s greatest) pretzels at the only local outlet for them, The Fresh Market.  I drink a lot of brown and I’m always excited to try new brown and explore flavors.  Most of his coffees are simultaneously  B-Corporation, Organic, Fair Trade Federation, Shade Grown, Fair Trade Proof, Cooperative & Kosher.  It’s pretty much feel good coffee all around and you can even share it with your Hebrew friends. Oh, the bags are also biodegrade, take that landfill!

Back to the actual product, Larry’s House Blend.  My coffee palate is very binary still, it is either good coffee or bad coffee.  I’m sure I’ll get some time with Josh over at Passion House one day to get a vocabulary, but for now I will either let you know good or bad and how true to the label the coffee actually is.

The blend is described as “a nice, soft sweetness is balanced with a mysterious delicate spice. A smooth, gentle acidity is balanced with a rich, full body. Flavors of caramel and chocolate are balanced with hints of pepper and tobacco.”  I pretty much have to agree, the only comment I will add is I don’t find it that full bodied, but it is by no means weak.  All in all a great addition to your morning dose.

Larry’s Beans are always available for sale on Amazon via this link, variety packs also available.

More about Larry’s Beans at their hubs:   @LarrysBeans   Facebook

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